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Tales of the Tuscan Butteri

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Maremma, Bella Maremma

Discover the world of Sella Antica, where tales of courage, resilience, and honor abound. It isn't the Tuscany you've seen in pictures. This is Maremma. A unique area in Tuscany, pristine and untouched by time. Expansive and wild, it spans the central coast with its sandy beaches, vast plains, and Mediterranean woodlands. The gently rolling hills give way to jagged cliffs and dormant volcanic peaks. It is a land of great history and contrast: from its Etruscan origins, Roman monuments, and Renaissance rivalries to breathtaking medieval mountaintop towns carved from stone. Yet, Maremma is best known as the home of the Butteri – a legendary order of skilled horsemen and women who have protected the land and its untamed beasts since ancient times. With the same unwavering passion for their way of life today as they've had for two millennia, these guardians of "Italy's Wild West" proudly mount their Maremmano horses each day. We brought the Sella Antica wine to life with this same mindset and took our time to make a dynamic red blend that's bold yet fresh at the same time. With layers of dark fruit, cocoa, and spicy oak flavors that lead you to a smooth, satisfying finish. Each bottle is a homage to the true grit and timeless resolve of the Butteri spirit.

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Bold and Beyond Comparison

It requires a special attitude and a spirit of perseverance to succeed in a place that is as beautiful as it is wild. One of strength. Of stubbornness. It is the exhilaration, freedom, and thrill of working the land with only a mazzarella stick to protect you from the untamed longhorns and stallions while crossing dangerous terrains. The Butteri answer this call of the wild – with their badge of honor, their handmade horse’s breast-collar medallion, made from the same leather as their saddle. This tradition spanning over 2,000 years is why our rich and full-bodied red blend is called Sella Antica, which means “Ancient Saddle.” We proudly share their story on our label and celebrate their enduring legacy.


New Blend, Old Soul

Much like the Butteri who call this place home, our Sella Antica winemakers share the same intimate connection with the land they work and protect. A timeless bond with nature developed through generations and fortified by dedication to what they do. It is here that Sella Antica is expertly blended using centuries-old methods. Yet, with dominantly Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this blend is a daring new style of red wine unlike those traditional to Tuscany. The result is a smooth red blend that brings out the fruit-forward expressions of the land with notes of ripe blueberries, blackberries, vanilla, and chocolate, followed by spicy hints of black pepper and velvety tannins. A wine as rich as the story of the Butteri that inspired it.

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